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Preventing Transmission Problems Knoxville

If you are having problems with your car, SUV or truck transmission, read on for ways to minimize them.

The transmission is the device in a vehicle that transmits the power of the vehicle engine to its drive wheels. The power is transmitted to the wheels via the axle of the vehicle. The car is referred to as a front-wheel-drive when this power is transferred to the front wheels of the car. The car would be a back-wheel-drive when this power is transferred to the rear wheels of the car. The same way, when the power is transmitted to all four wheels, the car is called a 4-wheel-drive.transmission repair shop

The technological advances in the motor mechanic industry have made fully automatic transmission vehicles extremely popular among today’s vehicle lovers. In fact, there are more automatic transmission vehicles in Knoxville than manual transmission vehicles. A simple act as making use of the correct grade of transmission oil (sometimes called transmission fluid) while changing the transmission oil of your car could go a long way in preventing major transmission problems.

The automatic transmission on latest cars consists of a wide variety of components. Some components include the hydraulic system to activate the clutch, the torque converter, planetary gear sets, the throttle cable and the on-board computer. The inner workings  of all these components are actually a very complex issue. These components should work in perfect harmony with split-second accuracy in order for your car to function to its optimal potential. If even one of these components malfunction, it can have undesirable results on the gear shifting and engine power of your car. This can result in the need for unnecessary transmission repairs.

This is why you need to take your car to a professional transmission mechanic in Knoxville. Smooth gear shifts on automatic transmission vehicles happen without any sound. You can only feel the speed acceleration of your car. If by any chance, you can hear the gear shift of your automatic vehicle, this may be the start of a problem in the car’s transmission system. This is the right time to take your car to an experienced mechanic. This will prevent larger transmission problems Knoxville in the future and help save money in the long run.

Automatic vehicles will not have instances where its gears get faulty due to human error. The only ingredient that will keep your vehicle’s transmission system performing to its utmost potential is the transmission oil. Transmission oil should be changed at appropriate intervals in order to keep your car engine working at its full potential. You know how important it is to change the engine oil of a car at the right time. But most drivers don’t think much about changing the transmission oil the same way. This can result in serious damage to the transmission system in the long run.


If you are getting your car serviced at company specified service outlets, you will not have to worry about the various oil changes. These professionals will take care of all oil changes in your vehicle. Most people don’t go to such service outlets once their car becomes old. They will just take it to a nearby mechanic for servicing. These mechanics will only change the engine oil of your car, since it is a regular feature performed by most of the mechanics. But they will not care about changing other oils such as transmission oil, brake oil, axle oil and coolant oil. This is why you need to keep a chart of the dates that these oils were last changed. It is always better to follow the guidelines of the car manufacturer when changing transmission and other oils. They have done enough research to know when these oils should be changed. If they recommend that the transmission oil should be changed every 50,000 miles, do it without fail. This will help to prevent huge transmission problems in your vehicle.

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